What is elegance?

I’ve found that even on my worst day when I’ve lost all hope in my style or poise I can scan over this blog post by Garance Doré and smile to myself, remembering that elegance is achieved by so much more than threads, trends or glitz. Doré writes about why elegance is a powerful form of seduction and she maps out how it is achievable by all. From my stash of inspiration to yours, enjoy!

Clothes are such a small part of what makes a person beautiful, don’t you agree?

Here’s my incomplete and disorganized list of details that, to me, contributes to creating impalpable elegance.

- How you carry yourself. A sporty allure, head held high like a princess, a cat-like stroll, the swagger of a tomboy. A certain way of sitting, a poised neck, the way the hands move… There are a million ways to inhabit your own body.

Take Giovanna Battaglia for example. I would never know how to give a name to her stride that’s just so princess of cool. But what I do know, is that she could dress in a bag and she’d still be fantastic… Read more


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  1. Tracy Herz - January 24, 2014

    Good post. To this I would add that elegance is a characteristic that is above male or female, youth or age and has nothing to do with looks or clothing in the end. I have seen it among the poorest of the poor, but not often among the rich.

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