Tuesday Tutorial: How to Throw a Swap Party!

Ever wanted to steal your friends style? Looking to try out a new look without the commitment? The WV Style Team has the party for you!!!

Recently Autumn, Jen, Morgan and Sarah participated in a Swap Party and had an amazing time!!! A Swap Party is a gathering of friends where each person brings items of jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, etc that they’ve grown tired of or are just ready to change up. Here’s how to throw your own!!!

Invite a few friends who have similar taste in styles, or completely different if you’re looking for a change! The number of guests can range anywhere from 3-4 to 20 depending on how big of party you would like to host!

Food! No party is complete without a bit of food and drink! For our gathering Jen popped a few bottles of wine and we all contributed a finger food like hummus, salsa, fruit, etc.



While everyone is noshing on the yummy treats, take some time to separate the items everyone brought. It’s best to categorize them for easier perusing. At our Swap Party we had jewelry and accessories, makeup, body lotions, hair care products, a few trinkets like note cards and a small amount of clothing. Everything was displayed with like items and each guest was giving a “shopping bag” to fill at their leisure.


Take turns making your way around the tables and enjoy! It’s nice when there’s a fair amount of products donated, that way there’s a large variety for everyone to be able to benefit from the swap. You never know what you’re going to come out with! I know I came out with an amazing amount of new make up products that I can’t wait to try out!!! Jen swapped up this awesome straw sunhat that looked horrible on me but gorgeous on her and Autumn grabbed a sapphire blue dress that made me look frumpy but makes her look fierce and fabulous!



Share your swaps with us!!! Have a great time and Swap on!

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