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Tuesday Tutorial – Becoming a cat (quickly) for Halloween!

It’s an afternoon in October and you get a text from a friend with a last-minute invite for a Halloween get-together. You have no costume – and no budget or time to get a costume. What do you do? Never fear. If you’ve got a black eyeliner and some eyeshadow, you can become a fierce feline in minutes.

What you’ll need:

  • Three matte shades of eyeshadow – a dark shade (deep chocolate brown, charcoal, or black), a mid-tone (caramel/camel or slate), and a highlight color (cream, bisque, etc.)
  • Black eyeliner – You can use liquid, cream, or pencil – whatever you have on hand and whatever you prefer. I used a mix of cream shadow with a brush and a creamy liner pencil.
  • nude lipstick or liner
  • concealer
  • flat eyeshadow brush
  • domed (fluffy) eyeshadow brush
  • translucent powder

Check out this video tutorial for the steps.
(The tutorial is only 5 minutes long, even though YouTube shows that it’s 12 minutes long. That was a mistake on my part in editing.) 

Now throw on a black dress with black tights or a black sweater with black leggings and flats. Add a black headband, if you’ve got one. If you have some felt around the house, cut shapes from felt and attach to your headband with a small dab of hot glue. (That way, you can remove the ears later.) You can go as far with this as you’d like, but makeup is a great (and fast) way to get the look without a lot of cost, time, or effort.



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