The Glossary – Gabe’s, You Gotta Love It!

The Glossary – “Go-to goodies for men women and children.”  

The Glossary by Tracy Herz

Saturday night roulette at Gabe’s: You gotta love it!

I went to Gabe’s because I got the feeling that means that I knew if I didn’t go  now someone else was going to walk out of there with what was meant for me.

If I didn’t go now (said my instincts) I would never even know what it was either.

No wonder everyone in Gabe’s looks so pale and ragged. Everyone is physically sick thinking about others poaching their rightful bargains. (There is a Med Express next to the Huntington store and that is probably no accident.)

So we push ourselves out the door and hope for a buggy to lean on. Everyone in there looked like the midnight Walmart crowd.

Gabriel Bros. discount department store has been spruced up with new buggies that actually move and don’t squeak  and enthused fonts and slogans. Everything was reorganized.


What I understand these changes to mean is that the bean counters in corporate are not devoting adequate resources to designer sample sales to bring back booty to the masses. Therefore I did not have high hopes for a good outcome. The store simply looked too refreshed. If they are spending money on signage, buggies and reorganizing the registers, the real cost might be in the decreasing likelihood of finding elite labels– this is my calculus.

Oh well. It’s always a treasure hunt.

These shoes are carried by Nordstroms And for this height of heel they were very comfortable.  That means I could easily propel in and out of a limousine in them and wear them while sitting down. $29.99.


Just as I sighed and silently debated whether the stripper shoes were worth the long line of fellow exhausted people, I saw what I came there for.


Hiding in plain sight right off the main aisle was a small grouping of coordinated Escada sportswear so delicate and timeless in cut and color you might mistake it for a mirage.

Creamy white slacks (pic of slacks on hanger); seashell pink shell; a long, black all season cardigan . And an identical navy blue one just because it was there. And it fit like pajamas. Clothes this fine and simple and so sweetly basic remind me why serious wardrobe staples cost so much. They drape so differently. The fabric on the shell and the cardigan is paper thin and called Tencel, softer than silk. I gravitate to low-maintenance knitwear so it doesn’t surprise me that this fabric is made from cellulose and uses a closed loop machine knitting process or that it is Austrian in origin.




The five pieces I selected have a combined retail value of $1970. I paid $225. I promptly forgot the stripper shoes and I hope the go to a good home.

These pieces will last indefinitely. They even threw in the hangers with the felted shoulders to help everything keep its shape. Gabe’s! There are nine stores to love in West Virginia.



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