Shopping Retail? Remember some simple rules!

Going into the Christmas countdown with a scant 48 hours left till the riot of present-opening beings, here is a fun but important reminder to mind your manners in the world of retail. These simple rules by Fashionista’s anonymous blogger will help you, and frazzled sales associates everywhere, have a much merrier Christmas.

*Don’t forget these rules all still apply with the influx of unwanted gift returns begins the day after Christmas.

My name is Autumn and in my current incarnation I am a Features writer for the Charleston Gazette. I love fashion & step to the beat of my own inner design-team. My parents once told me, "You can be anything you want to be when you grow up." I misunderstood I thought they said, "You can be EVERY thing you want to be." and I've spent my life trying it all. I like to design and sew some of my own clothes and I enjoy playing with new makeup and I spend way too much time perusing fashion and DIY blogs. I also homestead so I am always reusing and repurposing things for fashion's sake.

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