L’Wren Scott, Fashion Maven, Apparent Suicide

I struggled with the decision whether or not to post about Scott’s passing. But so many articles I’ve read address her first and foremost as Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, and she was so much more. This being a fashion blog, I feel compelled to pay homage to a great designer who stood on her own merit apart from her celebrity boyfriend.

Scott dressed everyone from the FLOTUS Michelle Obama to celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Madonna.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImages.com Nicole Kidman poses with Scott.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImages.com
Nicole Kidman poses with Scott.

Her designs were edgy in texture and design but timeless in cut and fit. She could take any body type and dress a woman for the most flattering look possibly. No one ever looked bad in one of Scott’s designs. You can check out this US Weekly gallery for some of her red carpet looks.

But what is really troubling here is that a woman who appeared to have everything felt compelled to take her own life. Cathryn Horyn, New York Times fashion critic, remembered Scott as approachable in a way that few of the fashion world ever are, supportive of new designers even when while building her own brand. All of the tributes to Scott speak of talent and kindness, of a sensitive soul.

Sometimes sensitive souls are in the most jeopardy.

Ultimately, that is why I chose to not only mention Scott’s death but to broach the subject of suicide in general. I know that is much too heavy a topic for a blog that prides itself on being upbeat, fun and informative. But, dear reader, from the bottom of my heart to you, let me say: if you are hurting, there is help. Life is filled with storms but everything, eventually, passes. If you need help please reach out.

Here is a list of sources you can contact if you ever feel you have no where left to turn.

The National Suicide Prevention Line  1-800-273-8255

The West Virginia Counsel for the Prevention of Suicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

There are a myriad of resources out there. If you are in danger please seek help.

Much love, readers. Much love.


My name is Autumn and in my current incarnation I am a Features writer for the Charleston Gazette. I love fashion & step to the beat of my own inner design-team. My parents once told me, "You can be anything you want to be when you grow up." I misunderstood I thought they said, "You can be EVERY thing you want to be." and I've spent my life trying it all. I like to design and sew some of my own clothes and I enjoy playing with new makeup and I spend way too much time perusing fashion and DIY blogs. I also homestead so I am always reusing and repurposing things for fashion's sake.

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  1. Judy E. Hamilton - March 21, 2014

    Thank you, Autumn, for this great article about the talented fashion designer L’Wren Scott. You brought attention to her tragic death by suicide in the best possible way — by speaking honestly about how depression is often hidden — and how we – as a society – need to shine a bright light on this health issue and offer solutions and hope to those living with it. Your list of sources is very thoughtful and helpful. I wish L’Wren had reached out and talked to someone who would have let her know, “Things will get better.”

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