How to look fab even if your water is still stinky… #wvchemleak #stylesolutions

What do you do if your water is still stinky and you’re afraid that you might be, too? Are you worried about the effects of the water on your skin and body?

We recognize that this situation is very serious and there is a lot going on. In addition to the worries of this situation, many – including me – are having a difficult time coping with a shifted or interrupted routine.

Here are some tips to survive the #wvchemleak situation in style.

What to do with your hair:

  • DIY dry shampoo for dark hair – Check out Autumn’s post from a few months ago for DIY dry shampoo.
  • DIY dry shampoo for light hair – Use baby powder. Put some powder in your hand, rub your hands together and run your fingers through your hair.
  • Pull off a ballet look – Pull your hair into a high pony tail and secure with a hair elastic. Then wrap the hair around the elastic and secure with bobby pins. (Or you can use a sock bun or bun tool if you have it.)
  • Break out the 60’s style – Use a scarf as a headband. Put the scarf around your head like a headband and tie at the nape of your neck. This hides your roots, whether they are in need of coloring or washing. :)
  • Rock a beanie or hat (if the venue – or your workplace – allows) – This hides many sins, including the fact that you don’t want to wash your hair in the licorice water.

Here are some tips for “washing” when you can’t fully shower: 

Take two large (quart or gallon sized) zip lock baggies. Put a wash cloth in each. Add baby shampoo (or another soap that doesn’t have a lot of lather) and a bit of water from a bottle of water in one. Add water to the other. Zip up and microwave each bag for a few seconds until the water is warm. Use the soapy wash cloth to wash and the other rag to rinse. This prevents you from needing to boil water or try to shower in another way. (I got this tip from a friend who’s daughter works in health care. Great idea, huh?)

Need to get safe water from a distribution site or want to find out where to recycle all of your plastic bottles? Check out the Kanawha County website for details.


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  1. Jennifer Withrow - January 17, 2014

    Thank you for the tips…I will put it to good use.

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