Get Tribal!

lucky_pantsThe tribal and ethnic inspired trend is white hot this Spring/ Summer and is expected to continue into the fall in a tweaked autumnal palette.  This look is surprisingly versatile and can work day or night.   Because they are so multi-colored, these prints can be worked into everyone’s wardrobe and add a splash of exoticism to your usual sartorial regime. The key to tribal is not to overload on the prints.  Pick one tribal item, whether it be a dress, pants or accessories and work around it.

At the right is Forever 21’s tribal printed skinny jeans.     These would be a great daytime/ office  look paired with a black blazer, a crisp white shirt, and chunky jewelry.  At night, switch to a boxy silk blouse with a bright colored belt and some cherry red pumps.

For some great DIY ideas and tips to make your own “tribal” wear, check out this site.



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  1. Tracy Herz - June 13, 2013

    These are great! Have you seen all the new Wolford leggings? They have some amazing ready to wear but nearly everyone thinks about “one thing” when they think of Wolford.(We know what that “one thing” is, e.g., Fogal, La Perla) I have next season’s look book from the SoHo store manager. What a score. You would look good in absolutely everything they make. Look forward to reading this regularly, Dennise. What a great idea.

    • Dennise Smith - June 14, 2013

      Thanks, Tracy!!! So glad you enjoyed the post. GOTTA see the new Wolford leggings! They are simply the best at what they do! I haven’t seen the new ready to wear line, but they know how to fit a woman’s body so it is sure to be stylish and sexy. It must have been a great experience working for them in NYC. JEALOUS!

      • Tracy Herz - June 14, 2013

        Brief and beautiful, like their clothes–LOL

      • Tracy Herz - June 14, 2013

        I’ll send you the new look book in the mail. I know what I’m getting. You know more than I know about how they do their knits since you worked for St. John. (JEALOUS!) Neither brand is EVER available at thrift stores, and there is a jolly good reason for that. Worth every dollar. What I want is the perfect turtleneck (The Boston, probably) and the perfect black darted pencil skirt. And the unmentionables.

  2. lydontaylor - September 8, 2013

    The tribal ethnic wear which are counted as the latest fashion trend can be wore in any occasion or in any function. It only depends upon how creativity you are about the apparel’s fitting and your makeup. Color combination of the tribal cloth is plays a major role to make it more dashing or gorgeous. Wearing some tribal accessories such as leather necklace, bangles, ear rings, bracelets will make your tribal getup more fashionable to your surroundings.
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    • Tracy Herz - September 10, 2013

      I think it is interesting that what we think of here as Bohemian is actually somewhat African. Not many white women can pull that off. I don’t think i could do it. I think i would look like I’m wearing a robe from the clearance rack at Sears with (if a headdress is involved) a towel on my head. Bridgette Motsepe in South Africa is worth a Google for her look. You have to have a “certain something” to pull off the Tribal thing. I don’t have it but I really love to see it.

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