Frugal Fashion: Mall Haul – JCP 6-23-13

For today, I am happy with JCPenney for the wonderful discounts I was able to find. However, I know I shouldn’t be excited about it in the long run. I realize that these items are being discounted most likely because these lines and offerings will be cut soon. I predict that the beautiful store-in-stores and slim fit options don’t have much time left because the even dollar pricing is already gone. These were all signature features that were added to the store by the most recent (and hip) CEO of JCPenney. With the return of the former (and in my opinion, less hip) CEO, we have seen a return of odd amount pricing and the clothing lines for the older demographics. Anyway….enough with my banter about the sadness that I have in my heart over JCPenney going back to their old ways…here are the items I was able to snag today.

Men's dress fashions with deep discounts.

Men’s dress fashions with deep discounts.

I bought a pair of pants for each of my brothers, one for my dad, and my husband got a pair, too for 71 cents a piece. Yes. Dress pants for less than a $1. The rack was small, but if you were lucky to wear the sizes of any of the pants on that rack, you hit the dress pant jackpot.

Bowties are cool.

Bowties are cool.

My husband also found a gingham check button down shirt we had both been eyeing for a few months for $8.08. He found a gingham bow tie for $1.47. Bow ties are cool, especially when they are on sale.

Shoes on sale? Yes, please!

Shoes on sale? Yes, please!

While looking through the clearance shoe rack, I found a pair of red retro-inspired open toe heels. The clearance tag showed a $17 price. I knew that it was the previous pricing structure, so I thought I might get lucky and it might have a deeper discounted price. I wasn’t prepared for what the associate in the shoe department was about to tell me. It rang up as $1.97. When I checked out with my rewards coupon, I only paid $1.74 for this beautiful pair of shoes.

I found a pair of K9 Rocketdog faux patent lemon yellow flats. I have these flats in black and they are the most comfortable pair of flats I own. So I splurged a bit on these at $17.

The total haul from JCP was less than $30. Hooray for discounts!

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